Whether you’re an extremely active performer, a stage nomad or just a two-step wanderer, Sennheiser wireless systems ensure you’re always on track and performing with confidence. Our lineup of wireless microphones, powerful transmitters, receivers and great sounding in-ear monitors provide artists and performers with the equipment needed to stay true to their sound. 

500 G3 Range

EM 500 G3 Receiver Unit

This professional receiver from Sennheiser provides the most features and performance the evolution series has to offer. A high number of presets possible per frequency bank (32), making setup of many wireless systems a breeze. The built-in Ethernet port allows computer control and monitoring with a PC running Sennheiser’s Wireless System Manager software. The large graphic display provides a great deal of additional information at a glance. One-touch sync function automatically links up a G3 transmitter with this receiver.

SK 500 G3 Belt Pack Transmitter

Housed in a lightweight metal belt pack, the transmitter is for use with lapel microphones, head worn microphones and higher level signals from instruments such as guitars. It is powered by 2x AA 1.5V batteries which provide over 8 hours of operation. The audio input is via a locking, 3.5mm, jack socket. An illuminated graphical display on the front facing side shows status and menu options.

SKM 500 G3 Handheld Transmitter

The SKM 500 is a handheld transmitter with a metal body designed for vocals whether singing or speaking. Powered by two 1.5V AA batteries that are inserted into the body of the microphone via a hidden threaded compartment, the handheld microphone has an operating time of over 8 hours. All models have set-up and menu curser buttons, multifunction switch, and fixed antenna at the base of the microphone shaft. An orange backlit screen gives the user intuitive feedback on current settings. We can offer e935, e945 or sE V7 capsules.

2000 GB Range

EM 2050 Twin Receiver Unit

Rugged 19″ all-metal housing with integrated power supply unit. Up to 3000 frequencies in up to 75 MHz switching bandwidth. True diversity technology for best reception quality. Integrated antenna splitter for cascading up to 8 devices without using additional splitters. Continuous scanning together with Sennheiser’s Wireless Systems Manager. Frequency setting in 25 kHz steps. Transformer-balanced audio outputs, HDX noise reduction system with signal-to-noise ratio less than 120 dB(A), Monitoring and control using Sennheiser WSM software. 

SK 2000 Belt Pack Transmitter

This lightweight yet extremely rugged bodypack transmitter is a delight for both the musician and the audience. With an AF frequency response of 25 to 20,000 Hz, it transmits even the sound of a bass guitar with rich fundamentals. Three RF output powers provide longer transmission ranges or more channels per frequency range. The rechargeable batteries of the SK 2000 (optional) can be charged right in the unit using the external charging contacts. Audio input is via 3 pin LEMO connector.

SKM 2000 Handheld Transmitter

Rugged metal housing Up to 75 MHz switching bandwidth 20 fixed frequency bands with up to 64 compatible presets 6 banks each with up to 64 tunable channels Frequency setting in 25 kHz steps Pilot tone squelch for interference-free operation External charging contacts for recharging battery BA 2015 in the transmitter Backlit display on transmitter (keystroke activation) Auto-lock feature to prevent buttons from accidently being pressed Audio and RF MUTE feature for muting the transmitter Transmitters can be configured from the receiver menu Possible to synchronize with the receiver using infrared interface.

6000 Dante Range

EM6000 Dante Reciever Unit

Digital 2-channel receiver for live productions and transmissions, even in the toughest environments. Huge spectral efficiency with equidistant frequency grid and true bit diversity. Analog and digital outputs (XLR, jack, AES-3, redundant Dante™), high-contrast OLED display with LQI indicator.

SK 6000 Belt Pack Transmitter

The SK6000 is a belt pack transmitter housed in a lightweight magnesium casing. It has a Sennheiser, 3-pin LEMO, locking connector for use with lapel or head set microphones The CI 1-4, cable can also be used to connect to high output instruments such as electric guitar. It can be powered by the BA-61504701 battery compartment for 2x AA 1.5V batteries or the BA-61 504703 Lithium Ion battery pack to provide up to 5.5 hours of operation. The transmitter is capable of an audio frequency response of 30Hz to 20kHz (3dB); a low-cut frequency can be adjusted in steps from 30/60/80/100/120Hz.

SKM 6000 Handheld Transmitter

The SKM6000 is a handheld transmitter with a magnesium housing, designed for vocal whether singing or speaking. The transmitter is compatible with capsules from the 2000 series, Digital 9000 series, Sennheiser Evolution series and sE V7.  The optional BA-60 battery pack is available as either the 504700 which takes 2x AA option cells or the 504702 Lithium Ion battery pack, which gives up to 5.5hours of operation. 

Wireless In Ear Monitor (IEM) Systems:


SR 300 IEM Stereo Transmitter

This is a stereo transmitter, which can operate in mono, fed from the left audio input socket, powered by 12V DC from an included adapter. The metal case can be rack-mounted. The front panel has a 6.35mm headphone socket, for local monitoring, with an associated volume control. A back-lit ‘sync’ button is used to transfer settings to a receiver. The back-lit, graphic display shows status. A standard display is presented at switch-on, showing signal levels for the two audio channels, frequency bank and channel, current transmission frequency, the name of the transmitter, transmission status and power, the current equaliser settings, the audio input sensitivity and whether the lock-mode is active. The transmitter can be connected to an Ethernet network, for control by a computer using the Wireless Systems Manager software.

EK 300 IEM Stereo Receiver

This bodypack receiver has adaptive diversity for reliable reception; the headphone cable is utilised as a second antenna. The upper surface has a volume control, a locking, 3.5mm, stereo jack socket, for the earpiece and a whip antenna. The front has a backlit graphic display, offering ‘intuitive menu navigation’ and a ‘user-friendly menu’ in conjunction with an up/down rocker button and set button. Control functions include a ‘Hi Boost’, a multi-level limiter, stereo/focus mode and balance. An ‘auto-lock function’ avoids accidental changing of settings. LEDs indicate battery status and RF signal indication. The front folds down to reveal the battery compartment for 2x AA cells and the ‘set’ and ‘escape’ buttons. On the rear there is a removeable metal belt-clip.

Sennheiser IE4 Earphones

Earphones for Wireless Monitor applications. The IE 4 reproduces an outstanding sound quality and high dynamic. It is equipped with exchangeable ear sleeves, which gives an optimum fit to different ear cannels. The results are high isolation against environmental noise as well as a very good bass response.


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